Keep Learning

Here you will find information about training developed to help you make the most of our digital world. We are developing basic security awareness and introductory courses for individuals and businesses that will help you understand more about cyber security, why it is important and what you can do. Get in contact if you would like to try these learning options or have courses available.

Basic and introductory learning.

Basic Security Awareness

This is a basic cyber security awareness course. It covers cyber security basics at an introductory level. It is aimed at people with little existing knowledge and to trial the training.

Securing your business

This course provides an introduction to Securing Your Business. It is targeted at business owners, managers and their employees. It is part of our introductory cyber security series.

Securing your home

This is an introductory course for securing your home. It is targeted at adults including parents and people living on their own or with others. It is part of the introductory cyber security series.

More online training and resources

There are a range of options available for improving your knowledge including conferences, training and you-tube.

There is also free online training available which I don’t necessarily endorse these but you may want to check out whether they are suitable for you.

Professionals seeking to up-skill or gain certification could consider industry courses.

See resources for individuals and organisations.

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