What to do to protect yourself and others during COVID-19

There is no question that the year 2020 has been challenging and yet I remain hopeful. My most recent role was leading our department’s pandemic incident management team so I know that we can make a difference. COVID-19 will be with us for some time and we need to be prepared for outbreaks and takeContinue reading “What to do to protect yourself and others during COVID-19”

Some of what I learnt during COVID-19

I have posted about my son and I designing and building a new Ryzen 5 gaming laptop during the COVID-19 lock-down. After that I finished my first server build from the ground-up which will use Unraid to store, manage and access my data. In truth I did not have the opportunity to spend time withContinue reading “Some of what I learnt during COVID-19”

Be aware scammers are even more active during COVID-19

My niece recently got caught up in a Job Seeker scam where the scammers purported to be from the Australian Government Services Australia who have provided advice about scams and identity theft. The text and calls she received were quite realistic and coincided with her appointment at the agency. To her credit she became suspiciousContinue reading “Be aware scammers are even more active during COVID-19”