Other Services

Here you will find information about a range of services available to help you make the most of our digital world. I have started by providing some information and links that will help you get started with securing your network. Get in contact if you are an Australian services provider to have your services listed here.

Network setup and configuration.

Network setup and configuration with pfsense, Unifi and Untangle

Lawrence systems has some great videos on You-tube about setting up and configuring a secure robust network for small businesses and other organisations. Their preferred solutions include Pfsense with Professional quality devices such as the Netgate SG-1100 and Unifi Wireless Access Points. They have also reviewed and recommend Untangle Next Gen firewall as a commerciallyContinue reading “Network setup and configuration with pfsense, Unifi and Untangle”

Setting up Unifi with VLAN and guest networks

Crosstalk Solutions have provided some helpful videos to understand how to setup a Unifi network from start to finish. This can help configuring more advanced networking features because the Unifi Security Gateway can be tricky to setup when getting started. Their video goes through the process of setting up VLANs for a guest network. ThereContinue reading “Setting up Unifi with VLAN and guest networks”

See resources for individuals and organisations.

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