Use a password manager

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All of us have many online accounts for banking, government services, social media, entertainment and email. Long, complex passwords are hard to remember. We are often prompted to change these regularly. Therefore it is tempting to reuse passwords across multiple sites but you should never do that.

A password manager will generate a strong unique password for each of your accounts. It will also populate fields in your web browser and mobile apps using the stored login details. This is so much more convenient than having to remember and type in your details for every login.

The passwords are stored securely with strong encryption and authentication which reduces the risk they can be compromised. Apple has introduced it’s own solution with key-chain and it is often included with Internet security suites along with Anti virus and firewall software.

The advantages of a password manager are clear. Choose an option that suits your needs and commit to using it. You will find that you are more productive and secure online.

Published by Adrian Bugg

I am an experienced leader of innovation through data and analytics for digital transformation, small business owner, and father of four children. I want to share my expertise and experience to help others in their workplace, at home and in their daily lives.

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