Don’t forget about physical security at your home or workplace

We have covered many of the steps that you can take to improve your cyber security resilience including updating your Operating System and software, using strong and unique passwords for all of your accounts and enabling 2 factor authentication amongst other things. We also identified the important of having an ongoing conversation to raise awareness, reporting and monitoring. Another key layer within a defence in depth approach is physical security.

Physical security refers to the measures you implement to secure the locations where IT systems are kept and accessed. This can include the office at work as well as the home environment especially when you are working remotely. Many organisations have a clear desk policy and require that sensitive documents are kept secure. This is important for any organisation irrespective of size and also at home because your personal records, such as passports and birth certificates, could be used to access your accounts.

Almost all of us use mobile devices to access our online accounts and work emails. These devices could also be used for malicious activity if they are lost or stolen. Ensuring that all of your devices are locked and only able to be used by authorised users is an important part of maintaining your cyber security. Modern devices use face recognition and biometrics (e.g. thumb print scanner) to make this easier and more convenient.

Security cameras can be incorporated as part of your physical security layer

Perimeter security is also important at your home or office and can be enhanced with an external security camera system. Security camera systems are relatively inexpensive to install and are great to provide alerts and remote monitoring as well as capturing footage that can be reviewed later. These should not be relied upon by themselves but can be incorporated along with other measures such as alarms, door and window locks, lighting, gates and other physical barriers as part of your defence in depth approach.

Published by Adrian Bugg

I am an experienced leader of innovation through data and analytics for digital transformation, small business owner, and father of four children. I want to share my expertise and experience to help others in their workplace, at home and in their daily lives.

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