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If you are a small business, community-based or not-for-profit organisation then Digital Aid Online has compiled a list of resources that could help you get started with improving your cyber security. Some of the information below is for larger organisations and government and may not apply to your organisation. Digital Aid Online has included it here as a useful reference and potential resource if you have already taken some steps and would like to go further. There are links to information about privacy and reporting a data breach because all organisations should be aware of their obligations to protect personal data and take this seriously. We will keep adding to this list of resources over time and will include other services provided by Australian companies that can help you.

$132 million was lost to business email compromise scams in Australia in 2019

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Report Targeting Scams 2019.

Scammers continued to target businesses in 2019, with business email compromise scams causing the largest losses of any scam type.

False billing scams accounted for the highest reports and losses from businesses in 2019… fake invoices make up a large proportion of false billing scams.

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