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Australia’s 2020 Cyber Security Strategy, Industry Advisory Panel Report, July 2020 recommends that Australians practice safe behaviours at home and at work. Digital Aid Online can help you find out what advice, training and services are available. A range of information is provided by Australian government agencies and commercial organisations. There are also training courses and other services available. The advice, training and services that are made available are meant to help individuals and small businesses fund out what’s needed to practice safe behaviours.


Here you will find tips and suggestions to help you stay safe online and make the most of digital services. This includes things we can all do such as using a strong unique password, updating our software and operating system, regularly backing up data and securing our network. You can take some initial steps now to improve your cyber security and see what else might be needed.


Here you will find information about some training we have developed because awareness and understanding is important to improve cyber security. There are basic security awareness and introductory courses for home and businesses that will help you understand more about cyber security, why it is important and what you can do. Get in contact if you would like to enroll or provide cyber security training.


Here you will find information about services available to help you do more than the basics. This includes some information and video links that will help you get started with securing your network. These are some initial links and I will expand these as I find more relevant services. Get in contact if you are an Australian provider of cyber security services and you would like to have your services listed here.

Individuals, households and families

Find out what you can do as an individual, household or family.

Small business and other entities

See the resources available for small business and other organisations.

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If you are an Australian business let me know what you do so I can list it here.

See resources for individuals and organisations.

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