Be aware scammers are even more active during COVID-19

My niece recently got caught up in a Job Seeker scam where the scammers purported to be from the Australian Government Services Australia who have provided advice about scams and identity theft. The text and calls she received were quite realistic and coincided with her appointment at the agency. To her credit she became suspiciousContinue reading “Be aware scammers are even more active during COVID-19”

My Unifi home network with Linksys Untangle Unified Threat Management (UTM)

When I started on this quest to secure my network I was looking for a solution that would sit inside my network and monitor all internal and out-going traffic. I discovered that the solution is called Unified Threat Management (UTM). There are hardware and software products available for this but they typically require dedicated hardwareContinue reading “My Unifi home network with Linksys Untangle Unified Threat Management (UTM)”

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I want to share my experience from several decades leading data and information systems and delivering complex IT enabled programs. I am also a father of four who values being productive and believes personal privacy is important. I will share my knowledge and experience to help others understand the benefits of digital transformation and to manage the risks involved.