VLAN and firewall setup for network segmentaton on Unifi Dream Machine (UDM)

Previously I have written about my home network setup with Unifi and Untangle. I recently swapped out this setup and replaced it with a single device, the Unifi Dream Machine (UDM). The UDM combines the functions of the Unifi Security Gateway (USG), cloud key/controller, managed four port switch and Wireless Access Point (WAP). The reasonContinue reading “VLAN and firewall setup for network segmentaton on Unifi Dream Machine (UDM)”

What to do to protect yourself and others during COVID-19

There is no question that the year 2020 has been challenging and yet I remain hopeful. My most recent role was leading our department’s pandemic incident management team so I know that we can make a difference. COVID-19 will be with us for some time and we need to be prepared for outbreaks and takeContinue reading “What to do to protect yourself and others during COVID-19”

Some of what I learnt during COVID-19

I have posted about my son and I designing and building a new Ryzen 5 gaming laptop during the COVID-19 lock-down. After that I finished my first server build from the ground-up which will use Unraid to store, manage and access my data. In truth I did not have the opportunity to spend time withContinue reading “Some of what I learnt during COVID-19”

Be aware scammers are even more active during COVID-19

My niece recently got caught up in a Job Seeker scam where the scammers purported to be from the Australian Government Services Australia who have provided advice about scams and identity theft. The text and calls she received were quite realistic and coincided with her appointment at the agency. To her credit she became suspiciousContinue reading “Be aware scammers are even more active during COVID-19”

Complete UnRaid Server Build

I have completed my first UnRaid server build to replace an old i3 gaming machine running Hyper-V in my homelab. I was originally going to re-purpose the i3 gaming machine as my main server but have decided it really is end of life. Edit: I might still replace the Gigabyte motherboard to use it asContinue reading “Complete UnRaid Server Build”

Ryzen 5 gaming machine with 2060 Super 8Gb graphics card

I built this value and performance Ryzen 5 gaming machine with my teenage son to replace his Dell G3 gaming laptop. It was a back to school project at the end of COVID-19 lock-down here in Australia. The Dell G3 laptop which I bought new had an Intel i7 Processor (8th generation, 6-Core, 9MB Cache,Continue reading “Ryzen 5 gaming machine with 2060 Super 8Gb graphics card”

Setting up Hyper-V on Windows 10

This weekend I setup Hyper-V on Windows 10. Hyper-V is Microsoft’s product for running a Hypervisor on Windows. It is available with Windows 10 Professional and earlier versions but not Windows 10 Home. I wanted to setup Hyper-V to get more experience with virtualisation. The hypervisor runs on the host operating system or infrastructure andContinue reading “Setting up Hyper-V on Windows 10”

Dell g3 15 gaming laptop upgrade

I recently bought two Dell G3 15 gaming laptops that were on sale at the end of the financial year. My boys had been using an older custom built desktop which was becoming too slow. The Dell G3 had reasonable specifications for the price and have been replaced with a newer model with improved graphicsContinue reading “Dell g3 15 gaming laptop upgrade”

Basic modem/router setup and what you should change

We recently changed our Internet Service Provider (ISP) to switch to a better value plan with National Broadband Network (NBN). A modem/router was supplied by the ISP as part of the new plan. This was pre-configured to connect to the Internet and establish a Wifi network without needing to change any settings. It is commonContinue reading “Basic modem/router setup and what you should change”

My Unifi home network with Linksys Untangle Unified Threat Management (UTM)

When I started on this quest to secure my network I was looking for a solution that would sit inside my network and monitor all internal and out-going traffic. I discovered that the solution is called Unified Threat Management (UTM). There are hardware and software products available for this but they typically require dedicated hardwareContinue reading “My Unifi home network with Linksys Untangle Unified Threat Management (UTM)”