About Digital Aid Online

Digital Aid Online is about staying safe and making the most of the digital world that we all live in. I am passionate about helping everyone to make our digital lives more productive and secure.

I have made the effort to find out what’s needed and make this available to help you and your business. You can benefit from my experience and expertise in risk management and digital transformation.

I hope this will mean that we can all enjoy and share the benefits from the digital transformation that we are living in without compromising on our values and sacrificing personal privacy.

Digital Aid Online

Experienced IT leader and father of four

I am a small business owner, father of four children and experienced leader of innovation through data and analytics for digital transformation. I want to share my experience to help others in their digital lives whether in the workplace, at home or on the go.

Through this web site I am hoping to raise awareness of what you can do to protect yourself online and why this is important. This digital transformation brings many benefits but there are also risks. There are more threats to your data, devices and systems than at any other time. There are also things that you can and should do to reduce the risks.

You can protect yourself by understanding risks to your cyber security and knowing what action you can take to protect yourself in the workplace, at home and your private life. We all need to know about cyber security and take action now because data and digital technology underpin so many aspects of our lives. When you are getting started this can seem a little overwhelming so I will try to make it simpler and easier for you.

Let’s have a conversation about cyber security and digital transformation to raise awareness and be better prepared. If you provide services for small business in Australia then I would like to hear from you too.

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