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Digital Aid Online aims to promote staying safe online and making the most of the digital world that we all live in. Living in a digital world means we need to know how to use the Internet, technology and understand online privacy and personal security. Threats are growing and so we all need to be aware of the risks and take steps to protect ourselves at home and work. There are a range of resources available in Australia to help with that including advice, training and support. Digital Aid Online can help you find out what’s needed if you are an individual or small business.

Digital Aid Online is for individuals, families and households who want to learn how to protect themselves online. Digital Aid Online can help you find advice, training and services. If you want more help to find out what’s needed then get in touch.

Digital Aid Online can help you find advice, training and other services for your small business or organisation to make the most of cloud and digital services while securing your business. Get in touch if you provide services in Australia.

I am passionate about everyone making the most of the digital transformation that we are living in so we can all enjoy and share the benefits without compromising our values and sacrificing privacy. Find out more about Digital Aid Online.

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Privacy & security

Threats are increasingly prevalent and sophisticated and so we must all think and act accordingly. Privacy and security should be at the centre of everything we do online. Think about the information you share and how you share it. This will make it more difficult to compromise your personal data so that you can continue to have a positive digital experience. There are tips and advice for what you can do.

Networks & devices

Your network is a key component of your digital life because your connection provides the gateway to your digital life. This includes your wired broadband, wireless (WiFi, blue-tooth, etc.) and mobile network as well as all of the devices that connect to the Internet – now known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Understanding how you connect and use devices will make your online experience more rewarding and safe.

Digital & cloud

Going digital is about changing how we do things such as using electronic records instead of printed reports and paper files. Cloud services are a great enabler for your digital life at home and in the workplace that will make you more productive and secure. Understanding what is possible and how to make best use of the cloud will simplify and improve your digital life so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy.

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